Equity Fund

This unit trust offers superior returns over the medium to longer term by maximizing capital gains through investing in listed securities. This fund is designed for investors seeking medium to long term capital growth in their portfolios and who want to gain exposure to equity investments but lack the professional capacity to select and manage their equity portfolio. The Fund is suited to investors who want to invest their money for period of at least 3 years or more and have an appetite for a medium to high risk profile.

Due to the volatile nature of the stock markets, risk is usually reduced through holding a diversified portfolio of shares across different sectors.

Fixed Income Fund

This fund is suitable to achieve a reasonable level of current income as well as maximum stability of the capital invested. Funds are invested in interest-bearing securities that include, treasury bills, treasury bonds, preference shares, corporate bonds, loan stock, approved securities, notes and liquid assets and any other securities that are consistent with the portfolio’s investment policy whilst ensuring risk is minimised.

The fund is suitable for investors who are seeking a regular income from their investment, including those who intend to secure a safe haven for their investments in times of stock market instability.

Money Market Fund

This fund is an excellent low-risk investment that earns interest daily while your capital is preserved as savings. The fund is usually a unit trust that invests in short term deposits like treasury bills, treasury bonds and bank deposits of less than 12 months. The unit trust is a good safe haven for investors who wish to switch from a higher risk portfolio to a low risk, high interest portfolio, especially during times of high stock market volatility.